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URWIRED: slams games industry for di dinosaur retail practices.

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* Online Pioneer Criticises Games Publishers

Mattias Lamotte, Managing Director of e-commerce hotspot, has slammed the UK games publishing community and leading retailers for ignoring the revolution taking place on the internet and pandering to the High Street dinosaurs.

From humble beginnings, is now one of the most successful games e-commerce sites on the web and Lamotte has encountered lethargy and conservatism within publisher sales departments: "We're not asking for charity," stated Lamotte, "just an appreciation that e-commerce will eventually be the major distribution route and should be treated accordingly. "Gaming is the fastest growing form of entertainment and gamers are masters of the web. Yet the very companies that are at the cutting edge of games technology are deliberately trying to keep customers shackled to the traditional delivery route with a pricing policy that discriminates against the internet," commented Lamotte.

"The current pricing and stocking policies of most publishers discriminate against e-commerce. They should work with us to develop pricing policies that enable us to support them creatively. At the present this may be an investment in the future, but it's only a matter of time when Independent shop based retailing will become part of folklore within the industry.

"E-commerce is more efficient, more creative and better targeted than any other form of retailing. The only advantage High Street multiples have is habit on the part of the consumer - and we're going to change that. Nearly all of the major multiples are dinosaurs adopting an Ostrich strategy to the web. Naturally they are scared of the web but they will either have to adapt and grow or stand still and stagnate, either way we're after their customers."

Lamotte has developed a five point plan which he says will help publishers to get more from the internet. He plans to discuss this with commercial directors of the leading publishers over the next few weeks. UR wired! for Success

Five crucial points publishers should consider about e-commerce

1. Provide e-commerce with timely information. Treat us like magazines, we need screen shots and box artwork in order to market your products succesfully.

2. Treat your co-operation with succesful sites as an investment for future growth. Consider banner promotion contra deals in return for advantageous discounts.

3. Talk to us. We are able to access your customers, providing you with regular up to date feedback when required.

4. Avoid exclusive e-commerce deals. Sites are growing exponentially and you may miss tomorrow's hit site.

5. Compare on-line customer service to the average High Street retail experience. E-commerce staff are highly skilled, dedicated individuals who talk the language of games.

UR wired! is embarking on a major television campaign this Christmas and is also planning to open offices across Europe in the near future.

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