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TWO NEW LEARNING GAMES FEATURE DINOSAUR/SPACE EXPLORATION.(MVP Software's Picture Me Dinosaur and 3D Space Station Adventure)(Product Announcement).

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MVP Software, Grand Rapids, Mich., has introduced two fun and learning activity center software titles for kids, "Picture Me Dinosaur" and "3D Space Station Adventure."

"Picture Me Dinosaur" and "3D Space Station Adventure" help kids explore the past world of the dinosaurs and the present and future world of space through games and learning activities. "Picture Me Dinosaur" provides nine different learning games, while "3D Space Station Adventure" features five. Suitable for ages 5-12, both products provide multiple skill levels suitable for children of various ages and abilities.

Anyone with a Pentium 200 or better, with 64 mb of RAM and running Windows95 or higher can use these products to have fun while learning more about dinosaurs and space exploration. A sound card is highly recommended.

"3D Space Station Adventure" offers five activities and games that are meant to both entertain and inform about space exploration. It presents the user with missions to accomplish and, when they are completed, prints a personalized completion certificate so that children can be rewarded for their accomplishments.

The missions include building and equipping a space station similar to the International Space Station currently under construction, designing and constructing space-going vessels, and putting together a lunar base. All scenes can be printed in full color or in "coloring-book mode" that prints only the outlines of the images. This allows for an endless supply of custom-made coloring books of images created by the kids themselves. Players also navigate their spaceship through asteroid fields and rescue astronauts from the moon's surface in two fast-paced games.

In "Picture Me Dinosaur" kids design and create scenes, animations and even sheets of "postage stamps" based on their favorite dinosaurs and dinosaur eras. Using the full-featured graphics editor designed just for kids, users import and modify images or design their own, all of which can be printed in full color or in coloring book mode for hand-coloring away from the computer.

In addition to creating and printing their artistic endeavors, users turn to Dave the dinosaur to explore the different dinosaur species, their habitat and habits, and the era in which they lived through three learning games. Dave also challenges kids to play three other games, each with three ability levels, that improve memory, thinking and fine motor skills. All nine games and activities are included in "Picture Me Dinosaur."

"Picture Me Dinosaur" and "3D Space Station Adventure" are $19.95 each and may be purchased securely online at MVP Software's web site at Customers receive the complete product on CD-ROM plus a color printed manual. Site licenses are available for schools and other qualifying institutions.

Anyone may download a free playable demo of "Picture Me Dinosaur" at and of "3D Space Station Adventure" at

For more information, call 616-831-7981 or visit

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