Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trumpf aids Tsunami survivors

cleaning station 2 by bluewavechris
cleaning station 2, a photo by bluewavechris on Flickr.

Almost six months after the tsunami struck southeast Asia, the survivors still depend on outside aid. Through its Indonesian Partner, PT Guna Electro and their joint ventures, the Trumpf Group, Ditzingen, Germany, has projects underway to provide clean drinking water to the Indonesian province of Aceh. This project is a follow-up to the aid provided by major relief organizations immediately after the tsunami, and offers long-term support for the people in the region hit hardest.

Of the 10 donated water treatment plants, eight are operating in three refugee camps in Neuheun, Lambreh, and Lhoong, all located in the Aceh region, and two are on the island of Nias, where a serious earthquake occurred in April 2005.

After the disaster, almost 12,000 people found temporary shelter in the Aceh camps. Supplying them with fresh drinking water was a major problem.

Until recently, trucks carrying drinking water daily into the camps barely met basic hygienic requirements. The donated treatment plants eliminated the shortage.

Trumpf's employees from Germany and Indonesia purchased the plants, acquired the components, assembled the systems, and adjusted them to tropical conditions.

The camps were selected by the firm in conjunction with the Indonesian relief organization Yayasan Dian Desa (YDD), which will service and maintain the plants. Trumpf's volunteers trained plant operators onsite while activating the systems. For the transport, installation and operation of the plants on Nias, the firm works with an organization called "Resources & Energy Development."

Seven Trumpf employees worked full-time on the relief action for Indonesia. The project was financed jointly by Trumpf and its employees. The firm contributed 75,000 euros, and employees in subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, and France donated an additional 25,000 euros.

The German-based company Schmalz + Schoen, with whom Trumpf works closely, assumed the logistics and organization costs for transporting the plants. Another German company, WBG Wasser Bau Gesellschaft Kulmbach mbH, provided technical support and know-how for building the plants.

"Obviously, we could have simply sent financial aid, but thanks to our companies in Indonesia and the expertise of our Indonesian employees, it was possible to provide help on a personal level," says Trumpf's executive vice president Dr. Mathias Kammuller.

Foreign sales director Jorg Kienast coordinated the relief efforts from the firm's Ditzingen headquarters. According to Kienast, contrary to some reports in the media, Trumpf's cooperative partnership with the Indonesian government is working well. "Even the separatist organization Aceh Free Movement did not interfere with our relief activities. To date, all local projects are going well."

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