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ACCLAIM UNLEASHES THE POWER OF THE NINTENDO 64 WITH 'TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER'; Acclaim's Debut 64-Bit Title Thrusts Gamers Into Incredible 3-D World of Dinosaur Hunting

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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 17, 1996--Gamers will be taken back to the beginning of time and ahead to the future of interactive entertainment when Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKLM) releases Turok: Dinosaur Hunter(TM), its first title for Nintendo's forthcoming Nintendo 64(R) system. The release date of the game will coincide with the launch of Nintendo's new 64-bit system on September 30th. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter features incredible 3-D graphics; 100% computer rendered, polygonal characters; Acclaim's proprietary motion capture technology; and first-person perspectives that will provide action and adventure of tyrannosaurus proportions.

"Turok is one of the most popular characters from Acclaim Comics with an extensive history and compelling storyline that translates perfectly into a first-person, action-adventure title," says Sam Goldberg, vice president of marketing. "The advanced capabilities of the Nintendo 64, coupled with Acclaim's motion capture technology, will make gamers feel like they're actually going where no man has gone before."

Turok Hits The `Campaign' Trail

Assuming the role of Turok, gamers set out to stop The Campaigner and his army of "Bionosaurs" -- bionic dinosaurs -- from controlling time with a device called the Chronosceptor and taking over the Lost Land. Only Turok knows that the device is flawed and it will destroy the entire universe if activated. In keeping with the title's comic book origins, game play is spread out over nine levels that are organized into three chapters -- The Plot Revealed, The Ancient Ruins and The Lost Land.

Developed by Iguana Entertainment, the Austin, Texas-based programming studio of Acclaim, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter offers an array of exciting features, including:

- 100% computer-rendered polygonal characters, including Dinosaurs, Bionosaurs, Robot Droids and many other characters from the Turok comic book universe;

- Fast and furious action from a first-person perspective, including running, climbing, swimming and fighting;

- Incredible 3-D graphics, which allows gamers to explore their 360 degree environment;

- 100% interactive backgrounds;

- Arsenal of weapons, including the low-tech bow and arrow, to futuristic tek bow, riot shotgun and grenade launcher, all of which inflict enemy damage accordingly;

- Various equipment and maps to aid players throughout the game;

- Warp generators Advanced game design, allowing gamers to experience non-linear action which monitors their progress and provides opportunities to increase health or weapons at critical times;

- Many hidden power-ups and secret areas.

Acclaim Comic's Turok: Dinosaur Hunter issue No. 1 sold over 1.8 million copies, which places it among the top ten best-selling comic book titles of all time. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is based on Gold Key Comics' Turok: Son of Stone which debuted in the market in the 1950s. In December 1996, Acclaim will re-launch the Turok comic book series with an entirely new storyline, enemies and characters. The new series will also include Turok video game tips and hints.

Acclaim's Turok: Dinosaur Hunter will be backed by an aggressive, integrated marketing program that includes broad-based print advertising in dedicated video game, personal computer, youth and comic book publications; direct mail; in-store retailer support; and on-line promotions on Acclaim's Worldwide Web site ( In addition, Acclaim is currently developing Nintendo cross-promotions and consumer sweepstakes to further promote the title.

Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. is a leading worldwide publisher of software for Nintendo, Sega, Sony, personal computer and CD-ROM hardware systems; and comic books under the Valiant and Armada imprints. Acclaim also develops coin-operated arcade and ticket redemption games, and operates blue screen and motion capture studios, as well as A.D.I., a global sales and distribution company for products from a variety of entertainment software publishers, including Domark, Interplay, Marvel, Pulse Entertainment, Sunsoft and Take 2. Acclaim, which also entered into a joint venture with Tele-Communications, Inc. for electronically distributed interactive entertainment, is publicly traded on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol AKLM.

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