Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Five-year old Czech boy can distinguish as many as 69 dinosaurs.


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Pelhrimov, South Moravia, March 31 (CTK) - A five-year-old boy showed a formidable memory and pronounciation in a palentology test today when he managed to distinguish 69 dinosaur species, to the astonishment of the examiners from an agency for national records registration. The boy's name, Petr Springer, has been entered in the Czech Book of Records. He took up his hobby two years ago when he received the first small plastic models of prehistorical dinosaurs as Christmas presents. Petr and his brother like to play with the dinosaurs and they have also visited an exhibition of giant and moving dinosaur models, his father has told journalists. The father had to learn all the dinosaurs' names so that he could narrate dinosaur stories to his sons. Apart from the dinosaurs' names, little Petr perfectly knows which of them were carnivorous and which fed on plants. He knows that the giant reptiles have been long extinct as a result of a meteorite's fall. "This one fed on meat. Its name is tyrannosaurus rex...This is ampiocoelias, this bruhathakayosaurus, puertasaurus, argentinosaurus, turiasaurus and this one is argyrosaurus," Petr, who will start primary school attendance this autumn, says without the slightest hesitation. rtj/dr/vv

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"Five-year old Czech boy can distinguish as many as 69 dinosaurs." Europe Intelligence Wire 31 Mar. 2009. General OneFile. Web. 20 Oct. 2010.
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