Friday, April 23, 2010

Cats at the animal shelter need help-we (the bunny and canary) are okayatm

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Cute, cuddly and oh-cho-chweet pups and kittens are looking for a home. These sweetie pies are waiting for you at the CUPA animal shelter in Hebbal from 11 am to 5 pm today (Saturday). Dogs and cats with soft brown eyes and cool grey ones are all eagerly waiting to be taken home. And may be they could be just the spirit-enhancer your doctor ordered to beat that work stress!

So, if you think you are pet-adorable and have been looking for one, then head straight to the animal shelter. For, this is your chance to meet your prospective pet at the second adoption drive being organised by Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA). If you miss it today, you may have to wait till October 2 for the next adoption drive .

There are about 40 loveable pets to choose from, or should we say, they may access and decide if they want to adopt you. Whether it is dog's loyalty, or the clean, zero maintenance of a cat - you can find your type here.

They can even brighten your V-Day! Bring home one of these cuddly animals and get guaranteed love for lifetime.

The adoption drive is open to all, and the animals are all vaccinated and neutered, barring the tiny ones.

The shelter also has counsellors and doctors to answer queries from the basics of how many times your pet needs to be fed, to what is an ideal time to start toilet training, and also a few tips on how to ensure your pet is comfortable in its new surroundings. So, first-timers too needn't worry about pet care.

It is good for all those who wish to adopt animals from the shelter to spend some time with the doctors and counsellors as they can give you tips on your pet's health and behaviour. Hope to see you at CUPA, Hebbal, Bangalore - 560024. For more details contact: 080 22947300.

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"C'mon, show'em some love this Valentine's; CUPA Hebbal is organising its second pet adoption drive today. Doctors and counsellors will be at hand to offer advice, reports Vaishalli Chandra." DNA [Daily News & Analysis] 12 Feb. 2010. Educator's Reference Complete. Web. 23 Apr. 2010.
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