Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dinosaur Imagery: The Lanzendorf Collection.(Review)(Young AdultReview)(Brief Article).

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With dinosaurs never more popular, representational works of the terrible lizards have poured from the ateliers in recent years. Hundreds of paintings and tabletop sculptures from this output reside in a collection assembled by an enthusiast named John Lanzendorf, hair stylist by day, dinophile by night. A selection from Lanzendorf's collection constitutes the core of this lustrous album; text by numerous paleontologists captions the images, particularly detailing an artist's scientific accuracy of depiction. Generations mesmerized by the paintings of the first famous dino-artist, Charles Knight, will instantly recognize in these contemporary paintings--most were executed in the 1990s--the vast revisions in thought about dinosaurs' appearance and behavior since Knight's heyday a century ago. For example, T. rex no longer rears vertically, triumphally, over a hapless herbivore, but rather, in several paintings by different artists, lopes along in a horizontal posture, scavenging carcasses. But the unknowns about dinosaurs, the color patterns of their hide or plumage, permit these artists much creative latitude, and viewers awed by dinosaurs will find their imaginations every bit as vivid and dramatic as Knight's ever was.

YA/L: The science and the art will fascinate dinosaur fans. HR.

Named Works: Dinosaur Imagery: The Lanzendorf Collection (Book) Book reviews

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Taylor, Gilbert. "Dinosaur Imagery: The Lanzendorf Collection." Booklist 15 Sept. 2000: 195. Academic OneFile. Web. 26 Jan. 2010. .

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