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McNamara, Ken. It's True.(Brief article)(Children's review)(Book review).

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Gr. 4-6. This novel-size title in the It's True series introduces basic paleontology by following the development of life on Earth, beginning with the title's reference to primordial ooze. McNamara presents subject matter in playful language laced with jokes, and the results are mixed. The text-heavy format and meandering prose may make it difficult for report writers to ferret out relevant information, and explanations of some of the science lack clarity, particularly for younger readers. Still, McNamara's lively words may draw in science-minded kids reading on their own, and teachers may want to borrow from McNamara's creative examples, such as his suggestion for visualizing the evolution of life on Earth as a time line represented by the distance between a reader's nose and outstretched arm, with humans at the tip of a fingernail. Grainy black-and-white photos and cartoon drawings illustrate, and a time line and suggestions for further research close.--Gillian Engberg

Named Works: It's True Series (Book) Book reviews

Source Citation
Engberg, Gillian. "McNamara, Ken. It's True.(Brief article)(Children's review)(Book review)." Booklist 1 Apr. 2006: 61. General OneFile. Web. 20 Nov. 2009. .

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