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KEY TO 1999.

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CLOSED DOORS opened to GEOGRAPHIC readers in 1999. Twice they saw the face of Cuban culture, in June and October. A look at Iran came in July, and at Iraq in November. Members also learned in November of newly discovered birdlike dinosaur fossils. Today's flora and fauna were examined in February's biodiversity issue--part of a special millennium series--followed by a human counterpart on global culture in August. To track memorable articles from recent years, a cumulative index for 1989 through 1998 is available for $15.95. The first 110 years of the GEOGRAPHIC, 1888-1998, are available on CD-ROM for $99.95 and on DVD-ROM for $119.95, plus postage and handling. To order, call 1-800-437-5521 or write to NGS, PO Box 11650, Des Moines, IA 50340-1650. An online index can be searched by going to www.nationalgeo graphic, corn and clicking "NGS Publications Index."


Coral Eden 2
Coral in Peril 30
Lawrence of Arabia 38
Anacondas 62
Baffin Island Climb 70
Research Committee 92
Ravens 100
Popocatepetl 116


Variety of Life 6
Headcount 32
Sixth Extinction 42
Madagascar 60
In Search of Solutions 72
Under Antarctic Ice 88
Forest Elephants 100
Diatoms 114
Ants and Plants I 122
Millennium Map:


Heart of the Sahara 2
Sahara From Aloft 34
North Florida Springs 40
Steller's Sea-Eagles 60
El Nino/La Nina 72
Exxon Valdez Spill 96
Snapping Turtles 118


Galapagos in Peril 2
Underwater 32
Blues Highway 42
Copper Age 70
Battle of Midway 80
Texas Hill Country 104
The Pools of Spring 122


Caspian Sea 2
Africa's Wild Dogs 36
Pirates of
the Whydah 64
Missouri Breaks 78
Ants and Plants II 100
Rise of Life on Earth 114
Map: Caspian Sea


Cuba 2
Old Havana 36
Dinosaur Named Sue 46
John Glenn Mission 60
Vietnam's Tam Dao
Reserve 82
Ancient Art of
the Sahara 98
Deep Soul of the
New River 120


Iran: Testing the
Waters of Reform 2
Mars on Earth 34
The Shrinking World
of Hornbills 52
Quest for Color 72
Grand Staircase-Escalante 94
Humpback Whales 110


A World Together 6
Tale of Three Cities 34
Vanishing Cultures 62
Italy's Endangered
Art 90
Power of Writing 110
Millennium Map: Culture


Kashmir: Trapped
in Conflict 2
Around At Last! 30
Masai Passage
to Manhood 52
Olive Oil 66
Preserving the
Sahara's Art 82
Hunting With Eagles 90
Rodeos 104
Galileo Mission 126


The Universe 8
Secrets of the Gene 42
Valley of Mummies 76
Cuba's Colonial
Treasure 88
George Mallory 108
Last Dive of 1-52 114
Millennium Map: Universe


Eyewitness Iraq 2
Tiger Sharks 28
Inca Sacrifice 36
Panama 56
African Marriage
Rituals 80
Feathers for T. rex? 98
Central American
Hurricane 108


Cheetahs 2
Florida Keys 32
Ancient Greece I 54
Geographic Century 80
Brothers Grimm 102
Survey 2000 130
Map: Ancient Greece

Source Citation
"KEY TO 1999." National Geographic Dec. 1999: 136. Academic OneFile. Web. 10 Nov. 2009. .

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