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DIGEST Radar scanning ground for rest of giant dinosaur.(Science).

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A group of scientists, including paleontologists and electrical engineers, is using remote sensing techniques to try to find the rest of the skeleton of the world's longest dinosaur, called seismosaurus.

The group, which includes volunteers as well as professionals, is digging in an area of northwestern New Mexico where a third of the skeleton, including the tail and pelvis, of the 36-metre-long extinct reptile has been found. The beast, which lived 100 million years ago, was about 50 per cent larger than the brontosaurus.

The scientists are using a type of radar that penetrates the ground, along with spectrometers, magnetometers and acoustic tomographers to see if the bone fossils can be located. The dinosaur lived before the formation of the Rocky Mountains, the southern end of which includes the site.

Source Citation
"DIGEST Radar scanning ground for rest of giant dinosaur.(Science)." Globe & Mail [Toronto, Canada] 27 May 1989: D4. Popular Magazines. Web. 27 Oct. 2009. .

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